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The Port Plaza

Skyview Ranch NE / Calgary AB

This was the second project that we did for Harv Singh & Sunny Whad with Ground Shakers, the first project that we did for them was the Redstone strip mall, also in the NE. We feel that these projects show our ability to work with both the client & the City to get it to the finish line. There were no issues with the Contract Administration for the project but there were a few hiccups with the DP. This was caused by a combination of a moving target created by the City and rules that they imposed for access to the site.  Sometimes the City plans & the plans of the adjoining develpments didn't always mesh perfectly and that caused some confusion until we reached a unified plan that worked for everyone.

The buildings themselves are pretty basic, steel framing, with a EDPM roof and stucco exterior walls. The consultant team consited of Williams Engineering Canada for both Electrical & Structural, Level Mechanical for the mechanical engineering and EXP for the building envelope engineering reviews throughout the construction of the project.

We did one tenant fit-out in the shopping center but have not worked with this client since.

Concept Rendering
Concept Rendering
The Port courtesy of Google Maps
The site before the project began.
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