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SNŌ - Art Installation

Calgary, AB

With SNŌ, CYNC aims to enchant Calgary with a touch of winter magic, celebrating our beloved winter wonderland through our innovative design, SNŌ. A play on the word "Snow," SNO introduces a winter-friendly and winter-themed visually immersive experience for all Calgarians. Each SNŌ pod is a unique snowflake, intricately folded and bent to create a mesmerizing snow crystal illusion. CYNC envisions this as an accessible public experience, acting as a visual magic trick to engage the public realm.

This design won the Chinook Blast 2024 Art Installation competition and received a grant from Tourism Calgary for the installation. The project will be displayed at a prominent location in the City of Calgary - Olympic Plaza from February 2 – 19, 2024, during the entire Chinook Blast Festival.  

We extend our gratitude to our generous sponsors, BRT Consulting and Synchor Recycling, and all our supporters who made this project possible.

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