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Crowfoot Crossing Renovation

Calgary AB

We were doing The Keg project at Crowfoot Crossing & we were approached by Erwin Greisinger with Courtney Real Estate to see if we wanted to be involved in the complete overhaul of the shopping centre.  We said no....duh, we said yes.  Are part was to oversee and coordinate the renovation process working with Bess Papas the designer that they liked to use & George Harris of the George Harris Collaborative (landscape architect).  We produced all of the drawings for the DP & BP and managed the submission process as well as all of the CA work for the project.  We were hoping to get the nod for the renovation for the Cineplex theaters but that didn't happen. Oh well.

As-Built Conditions
Pic of the existing conditions at Crowfoot Crossing
Image courtesy of Pappas Design
Image courtesy of Pappas Design
Crowfoot Crossing - Commercial
Crowfoot Crossing courtesy of GHC
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