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Eau Claire Distillery Barrel Storage Building

113 Sunset Blvd.SW Turner Valley AB

We were hired by Scott Builders as part of their Design Build contract to deliver this building to Eau Claire Distillery. We learned a lot on this project such as what "critical path" means & how to work with insulated metal panels. We got down to business on the design right away and within weeks we had the Development Permit into the AHJ for processing. 
The upside of working for Scott Builders in this instance was that there was no time when the exact cost or the direction of the project was unclear. As a team we were laser beam focused on getting the building designed and into the AHJ so that Scott Builders could start construction.
The project turned out great without any issues during construction, big shout out to Derrick Bently and his team at Scott Builders.

Installing the Insulated Metal Panels
Exterior of the building.
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